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Posted by john on Thursday, February 16, 2012 at 11:47am.

You are designing a rain gutter made from a piece of sheet metal
that is 1 foot by 5 feet. The gutter is formed by turning up two sides. You
want the rain gutter to have the greatest volume possible. Below is the
polynomial function that represents the volume of the gutter. Use the
graph program by typing in the polynomial function just as it is
to look at the graph. Change your axes to the following:

x max = 4
x min = 4
y max = 1
y min = -4

From the volume formula (V=L*W*H)

V = (5)(x)(1-2x) Where x is representing the amount that should be turned up to create the gutter.

Looking at the graph, which x-value do you think would provide the maximum volume? Why?

a. x = 0
b. x = 2
c. x = ¼
d. x = ½

Looking at the graph, what do you think is the maximum volume? Why?

a. V = 0
b. V = 2
c. V = -1
d. V = ½

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