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Which statement about the relationship between the judiciary and the federal bureaucracy is false?

The federal bureaucracy is subject to the authority of the judicial branch.

If a court finds fault with government action, it can issue an injunction.

=The United States government is involved with more than three-quarters of the cases brought before federal court.

The courts have the authority to issue an order that prohibits the government from following a specific course of action.

Which statement about the relationship between the president and the Cabinet is false?

Because the president is so busy, members of the Cabinet often have a good deal of leeway in the running of their departments.

Not all executive departments are subject to presidential authority.

The relationship between the president and the Cabinet varies from administration to administration.

=Presidents accomplishes nearly all that they do through members of the Cabinet and the executive departments.

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    Sierra -- both are wrong.


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    i have no book!

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    What are you supposed to use for a source for your answers?

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    Ms. Sue, these are the only options we are given for both questions.
    these are multiple choice not essay answers. we arent given a book and our source is our head or a computer.

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