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English 5 questions

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1. During this time period, writers sought to capture the _____________ of the American people during this era of a new postwar economy and society. peace
all of the above

2. Like the modernists, postmodern writers focused on _____________ experience and emphasized the effects of cultural divisions.
all of the above

3. Prose is writing that does not possess ___________ and _______________.
emotions; thoughts
meter; rhythm
theme; genre
none of the above

4. The Latin prefix sub- means under.
none of the above

  • English 5 questions -

    I don't see your answers.

    Also -- for 1, which time period?

  • English 5 questions -

    Mr. Firman invited his friend, Mr. Nulty, to come over and have dinner with him and Mrs. Stoner. The maid fixes a big dinner for the three of them, and when they were ready for dessert, she brings a cake out for Mr. Nulty because it was his fifty-ninth birthday. The candles were lit and the lights are turned out so that he could blow out the candles in the dark. Mrs. Stoner then begins to clear the table of the food and dishes.

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