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Homework Help: college algebra

Posted by jim on Tuesday, February 14, 2012 at 9:33pm.

IF THIS WAS 1500 SQFT. WHAT WOULD IT LOOK LIKE.I have two small Yorkies that love to go outside and play, so being on a leash just doesn’t work for them. So I decided to get them a fence so they can play how they like too. I live in a townhouse, its 1600 sqft yet its big enough for them. I will end up needing 165 ft of fencing to keep my dogs safe in my backyard.

2. L=2w+5 and w= 3L-4

3. A= LW

1600 sqft= (2W+5)w

1600 sqft= 2W^2 + 5W

2W^2+ 5W- 1600 sqft= 0

4. Next I used to the quadratic formula to figure out what w= which is x = +/- sqrt (b^2 – 4ac)/2

W= -5+/- sqrt (5^2-4(-1600)/4

W= -5+/- sqrt (25 + 6400)/4

W= (-5+/- 105)/4

W=( -5 + 105)/4

W+ (-5 – 105)/ 4

W= 20 ft and w= 27. 5

Length cannot be negative so therefore the w= 27.5

L= 2(27.5) + 5

L= 60 ft

5.) To find the perimeter the formula is P= 2L+2W

P= 2(60) + 2(27.5)


P= 165 ft

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