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Homework Help: Decorative Features

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4. Which one of the following is rarely used for underwear?
A. Faced-slit opening C. Bound opening
B. Placket D. Zipper
5. When inserting a zipper, itís important to
A. insert it at the earliest possible sewing stage.
B. stretch the fabric to match the zipper length.
C. pin the zipper into place accurately.
D. open the zipper teeth before stitching.
6. A mandarin collar is classified as which one of the following?
A. Flat collar C. Roll collar
B. Stand collar D. Shawl collar
7. Stripes, plaids, and other patterns can be balanced on both sides of a collar by
A. placing the collarís center back on the lengthwise grain.
B. cutting the entire collar on the straight grain.
C. using a center seam in the back of the collar.
D. cutting the collar on the same grain as the garment.
8. Lightweight woven interfacing is properly held in place on the wrong side of an under collar by means of
A. diagonal tacking. C. herringboning the outer edges.
B. careful pinning. D. catchstitching the edges.
9. In the case of a high roll or stand collar, the upper collarís seam allowance is reduced because
A. this creates the need for layering.
B. the upper collar has farther to travel.
C. the tacking automatically produces this effect.
D. the collar should roll up at the outer edge.
10. Regardless of collar style, itís essential that
A. the collar should enclose the raw edges of the garment.
B. a bias strip should cover the raw edges without binding.
C. a shaped facing should be used to finish the collared neckline.
D. the collar should match the neckline at all points.
11. When the neck edge of a collar is made longer than the outer edge, the collar will
A. be worn open. C. roll over.
B. be flared. D. rise in a band.
12. Ruffled cuffs gain a more attractive appearance when theyíve been
A. self-

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