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Two sides of a rhombus form a 120º angle. The length of each side is 6 in. Explain how to find the area of the rhombus, and then calculate the area. Leave your answer in simplest radical form.

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    If two angles are 120, then the other two must total 360-2*120 = 120
    So each other angle is 60.

    When you draw diagonals in a rhombus, they form right angles at their intersection.

    So, what we have after we draw in the diagonals, is 4 triangles. Each triangle is 30-60-90. And the hypotenuse is 6.

    Using the properties of a 30-60-90 you can get the length of the other two legs.

    Once you have that info, finding the area is easy A=bh/2

    Since you have 4 congruent triangles, the total area is 4 times the area of a single triangle

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    i have the same question in my class too so thank you

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    If X = 9 cm and Z = 15 cm, what is the length of Y

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