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Posted by Mohammad on Monday, February 13, 2012 at 8:18pm.

i write first part of story out cause i confused with first question.

I was sitting in my room when the phone rang. "Hello" it's me, she said. Mother. I was almost glad to hear her. But something must be wrong. She never phoned me.
"is something wrong?"
"your father," she said. " The doctor called yesterday and told me."
"What! What did he tell you?" why did she have to turn everything into one of those serial mysteries? Each episode yanked from her btween commercials.
"Ive been telling him for years" she said.
"never mind that. what did the doctor say?"
"cancer, its in his lungs. ive been telling him for years but he'd never listen. stubbornn. smoking his damn cigarettes like a train. i told him..."

her voice broke. she was crying. it made me angry to hear her crying for herself. she never once mentioned cigarettes that i could remember.
"will you come up to the cottage this weekend?"
"why? whats the point?"
"he's going to die!" she said, back to her favorite soap opera. he's your father, jake. you're his only son"
and you're his only wife, i felt like saying; his only wife, but what was the point, it would be like taking away her bingo card with one number to go.
"come." she said.

question i need help with be that the whole telephone conversation jake have with his family tells abt nature of his relationship with family, how do he react to his mom phone call? what be reaction to his father having cancer?

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