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In a particular redox reaction, Cr is oxidized to CrO4^2– and Cu2^+ is reduced to Cu^+ . Complete and balance the equation for this reaction in acidic solution.

Cr + Cu^2+ ---> CrO4^2-+ Cu^+

i started off by doing this

2 x SO3^2- ---> SO4^2- + 2e
2 x Cu^2+ +2e ---> Cu^+
2SO3^2- ---> 2SO4^2- +4e
2Cu^2+ + 4e ----> 2Cu^+

the 4e cancel out and we got

2SO3^2- +2Cu^+ ----> 2SO4^2- + 2Cu^+

Please tell me if i did the process the wrong way. The prof hasn't started this topic but i just wanted to try it out.

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    I can tell you with some assurance that you will never balance chromate by using sulfite to sulfate. Here is a web site that will help you.

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    oh no i messed up ! i wrote the wrong elements -_-'' im sorry.And thanks for the website!

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