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Homework Help: 3 grade english

Posted by dw on Monday, February 13, 2012 at 6:09pm.

spellings of /j/,/k/,/s/

directions draw a line under the words that have the /j/ sound that you hear in jar, large and edge. then write the
__ ____
words on the lines below the sentences.

1 jassie took a big piece of fudge.
2 the storm caused a lot of damage to the brige.
3 the large room had a stage at one end.
4 i suggested greg put less sugar in his jam.

( i try to underline to word large word is only last to letter ge and second word edge)

directions cricle the words in the box that have the sound /k/ spelled k,c,ck, and ch as in mark, cost, pick,
_ _ __
and school. then write the words on

they give the word

decide, picket, think, chemical, choose, camel certain, much

5_________ 7___________

6_________ 8___________

the lines. i underline word mark(k) and cost(c)and school(ch).

direction circle the words with the sound /s/ as in person and pencil.
_ _
then use each word in a sentence.

decide, is,across,chance,become,counting,once,







i underline the word person(s)and pencil(c)

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