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Could you please help me rephrase these sentences? Thank you.

1) Dad took the day off to come with me. (Rephrase?)
2) Don't take too much work on (rephrase?)
3) They took 20% off the list price.
They removed 20% from the list price (is there another verb I can use?)
4) It took us ages to get the children off (rephrase)
5) Fuel is taken on at Frankfurt airport. (rephrase)
6) He is a trained now and brings on new athletes.(rephrase)
The coach made an extra stop to take on new passangers. (rephrase)
7) thank you very much for replying to my last email.
8) Our school's secretary told me this morning she had received your application module. Our school's principal will probably sign it tomorrow.
9) I hope you'll forgive me for sending you so many emails. I have just been informed that I can include the detail about the subjects in the accompanying letter (which must be sent to our national agency together with the application module.)
I wish you all the best

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    took the day off = didn't go to work that day

    took too much work on = agreed to do more work than was possible (time or ability or??)

    They discounted the item by 20%.

    to get them off = to send them on their way

    fuel is taken on = fuel is put into the fuel tanks

    trainer ... and invites new athletes to join the team

    take on = let others get on (the bus or whatever)

    7, 8, 9 = OK

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