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Posted by Henry2 on Monday, February 13, 2012 at 2:23pm.

Could you give me some more examples of "bring off"? I included other examples of phrasal verbs. I also need to write the evacuation rules. Could you please help me?

1) I'm letting you off this time, but you must promise you'll never take any money from my wallet again.
2) The teacher let me off with a warning.
She didn't reprimand me in the class register (??).
3) The headmaster let him off lightly it was the first time time that they had broken the school rules.
If I do the shopping, will I be let off taking the cat to the vet?
4) I'll let you off today. I'll let you finish work before the usual time.
5) Damp days bring on my cough. (They cause my cough)
6) In the end he got off becauase there wasn't enough evidence against him.
He is a brilliant lawyer. He always manages to get his clients off. (How can I rephrase it?)
7) In case of an evacuation the bell rings twice. The first time it produces two short sounds. You keep calm and have the pupils go under the desks.
You see if there is the caretaker in the corridor and inform (yourself) what you should do.
8) If you hear two short sounds followed by a long sound you need to evacuate the building following the arranged track (I don't know the English terms you use in case of an evacuation, can you please help me??)

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