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Posted by Henry2 on Monday, February 13, 2012 at 8:18am.

Can you please help me rephrase these sentences?

1) It's getting on towards midnight. It's approaching midnight.
He can't get his message across. He can't communicate his message
2) The deal was brought off at last
It was accomplished.
You can't always let her get away with it.
You can't always let her ....
I' be back at you for being rude to me. I'll take my revenge on you...
3) I won't let the secret on. I won't reveal it.
The plane took off after resueling. It left the ground..
4) His career started taking off..../started being successful
He has taken on the responsibility for the whole family. He has assumed...
The teacher let them off their homework.
5) She exempted them from doing..
Damp days grin on my cough. Damp days cause my cough.
She brought up six children. She reared ...
6) They will bring up the new subject at the meeting. They will discuss...
He is bringing up food. He is vomiting
How many people turned out at the meeting? /..... came..?
They have been turned out of the house (??)
7) They took twenty percent off the price list (???? removed)
She turned out to be an excellent actress. She ......
She never got around to thanking them. She never found time to thank them.
8) He is wearing three studs in his right earlobe.
The right-hand side of his head is bald whereas the left side is cornrows.
He is wearing ripped, washed-out jeans.

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