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Posted by John on Sunday, February 12, 2012 at 8:13pm.

Now, letís look at a situation in which we compare three college math teachers to each other with respect to how interested they keep their students. The study was conducted among freshmen enrolled in an introductory course. The unit was quadratic equations. Students were asked to jot down an x on a piece of paper every time they found their attention drifting away from the lecture.
Here are data from one fifty minute lecture:
Teacher A Teacher B Teacher C
5 9 4
5 7 4
7 4 6
4 7 5
6 8 6
6 7 5
5 4 4
5 5 6
43 51 40
What test or tests would you use to rule out chance from causing the apparent differences in these data?

What are the results of running the test on the data in the above question?

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