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FACS Project Help!

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I have this project for facs (family and comsumer science) and I really need help.

UNIT: Personal Development
Topic: The One & Only You!
Lesson: The UNIQUE you!
Review Question
Due Date: 2/15/12

1. Identify - What are four (4) influences that give you a unique indentity?

2. List - What are three ways your family influences the person you become?

3. Explain - What effect do experience have on people?

4. Distinguish - What is the difference between inherited traits and acquired abilities?
Give two (2) examples of each.

5. Analyze - Choose a person you think of as a positive role model. Explain what you admire about this person.

6. List ten of you important characteristics.
- Decide what percentages (%) of these traits are inherited.
- Decide what percentages (%)have been acquired with help from other people.
- Decide what percentages (%) are little bit of both.


My facs teacher said that I have to write them in COMPLETE SENTENCES.

Please help me, can you explain for each number what am I supose to do so that way I can understand it better to do this project.

  • FACS Project Help! -

    Laruen, only you know yourself well enough to answer these questions.

    1. How are you different from most other people? What has caused you to be unique?

    I can't simplify the others any more than your teacher has.

  • FACS Project Help! -

    I know this is for ME to answer it just I got a little confused and was struggling.

    But thanks anyways for trying to help me, now I'm starting to understand it.

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