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Social Studies 7R - DBQ Essay

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I have this assignment for my social studies class. We have to write a DBQ essay on the American Revolution. We had done the documents for homework and go over it as a class.

Here are the tasks below:

1. Identify and discuss two causes of the American Revolution
2. Describe two examples of colonial response to specific actions taken by the British

My ss teacher told us to write it in your owns words and then we done it as a class to

Task 1: Talk about the causes of the American revolution

Task 2: Describe specific things the colonist did in response to British actions

BTW: Here is the Historical Context

In the American colonies from 1763 to 1776, a growing spirit of rebellion and independence was felt by the colonist. Following an extended period of neglect, the British began to exercise stricter control over the colonies. Political, social, and economic factors caused the colonists to take steps that led to the creation of one of the world's first democratic republic.

here is my essay. I'm not done with it because I have 3 more paragraph left (it has to be a 4 paragraph essay)

The American Revolution
From 1763 through 1776 the American colonies sprit of rebellion was escalating. After a long period of being ignored, England put harder rules over the colonist. Economic, political, and social factors made the colonist take steps that led to their independence.
According to Document 1 and 2, England treats the colonies as if they were children. They always tax colonist so that way they won’t have any money. The colonists were angry and tried to over throw the king.

what other bad thing did the british done to the colonists????

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    taxed them after the french and indian war. they didn't have a lot of rights

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    Thank You! :)

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