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Here are the other phrasal verbs I need you to check (tell me of they are possible or of other are more often used) and which I also have to rephrase. Thank you very much!

1) Get your clothes off: they are all wet.
2) Get all that mess off your desk.
I can’t get off that stain off my skirt.
3) He always manages to get his clients off.
4) In the end he got off because there wasn’t enough evidence against him.
5) I was so excited I couldn’t get off last night. It took us ages to get the child off.
6) Where did she get on? She got on her car and drove off.
7) It’s getting on for midnight.
8) I'll get on to her as soon as I get to town.
9) He can’t get his message across to his audience

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    In #6 -- She got in her car...

    In #7 -- It's getting on toward midnight.

    #8 -- I'm not sure what is being said here; that's not a normal meaning for "get on to" -- not one that I'm familiar with, that is.

    All others are correct.

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