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Posted by Henry2 on Sunday, February 12, 2012 at 10:37am.

Thank you very much.
Here is the second list of verbs I'd like you to check.I'd also need to rephrase each sentence using a verb which is not phrasal. Can you please help me?

1) A long strike threatened to bring down the Government
2) Iím sure this tablet will bring the temperature down.
3) The plane was brought down by an anti-aircraft rocket.
4) The deal was brought off at last!
5) You canít get around it: you have to tell him the truth
6) I canít get around to thanking them for their hospitality
7) The murderer got away with a light punishment./As usual she said something ver rude: we canít always let her get away with it.
8) Iíll get back at you for being so rude to me.
9) She never got around to thanking them for their hospitality. I promise Iíll get around to taking the examination
9) We must get off at the next stop.
Iíll phone you as soon as Iíve got the children off to school.
I canít get off early, Iíll come with you to the doctorís. We usually get off work at 5 oíclock on Friday.

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