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Posted by Henry2 on Sunday, February 12, 2012 at 7:32am.

I need to write sentences using specific phrasal verbs. I need to knwo if they are possible and supply the equivalent in formal English.
I havent' found the meaning of "let on to" Does it exist?
Thank you

1) One boy had let off a firework in class. Many fireworks were let off on the saint patronís day.
2) The boy was let off with a warning because he told the truth. The teacher let them off their homework. Youíve worked hard all week. Iíll let you off today.
Let on to:
3) Iíve told you a secret: promise you wonít let on
It was very hot and I took my sweater off.
4) John, take off your coat, come through and meet the others.
Dad took the day off to come with me.
%5)They took twenty per cent off the list price.
The plane took off after refueling.
She became jealous when his career started taking off.
6) Donít take too much work on Ė the extra cash isnít worth it. She has taken on the responsibility for the whole family.
7) His face took on a fierce expression
Fuel is taken on at the Frankfurt airport. We had to stop hal way to take on fuel

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