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Algebra/Trig Check Answers please

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Can you please check these answers thanks

1. A ladder 14 feet long is leaning against a house. The foot of the ladder is 4.8 feet from the house. Find the angle of elevation of the ladder and the height it reaches on the house.

Answer: 13.2=height
18.9 =angle of elevation

2. From a point 230 feet from the base of a smokestack, the angle of elevation of the top is 28degrees 30'. Find the height of the smokestack.

Answer: 124.9= height

3. From a tower 70 feet high, the angle of depression of a car is 32degrees. How far is the car from the tower?

Answer: 132.1=distance

4. From a cliff 130 feet above the shore line, the angle of depression of a ship is 22degrees 40'. Find the distance from the ship to a point on the shore directly below the observer.

Answer: 54.3=distance

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