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college physics

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When two objects of unequal mass are hung vertically over a frictionless pulley of
negligible mass, as shown below, the arrangement is called an Atwood machine.
Determine a) the magnitude of the acceleration of the two objects and b) the tension in
the lightweight cord below form 2.00kg 1 = , and m 4.00kg 2 = .

can some one work this out for me i don't understand how to get the answers tothis problem

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    You need not the answers, but how to draw free body diagrams.

    a. making the direction clockwise +, then
    right weight -left weight=total mass*acceleration.
    if acceleration is +, then it is moving clockwise. remember weight is mass*g

    b. again, tension is easy. Pick a spot in the rope, I pick just above the right weight.
    Tension-leftweight=leftmass*accelerationsolvedabove. How did I know that? Well, what is causeing the left mass to move? Ans: it is the amount of tension greater than massleft*g

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