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Posted by Henry2 on Saturday, February 11, 2012 at 10:54am.

Thank you very much.
Here is a summary I need to make on Defoe's Robinson Cruseo. I used the present as we once suggested to me.

1) At the age of 19 he decides to leave his home, ignoring his father's advice, in order to travel around the world and make his fortune.
2) His first voyage leads him to Guinea and then back to England. During his second voyage he is captured (he is taken captive) by Moorish pirates and becomes the pirate captain’s slave.
3) Two years later he manages to escape and is finally rescued by a Portuguese ship and brought to Brazil He sells both his boat and his guns and becomes the owner of a plantation.
4) After four years in Brazil, needing more slaves to work on his plantation, he sets out on a voyage to Africa. During his journey he is shipwrecked on a desert island where he will remain for 28 years.
5) He keeps a diary to maintain an ideal contact with his motherland.
He keeps himself busy by making his home as comfortable as possible.
6) He makes furniture, pots and a kind of oven from clay and use them to boil meat and make bread. When he realizes he is running out of gunpowder, he starts a goat farm.
7) In order to catch the goats he makes holes in the ground, puts food on top of them so that when the goats try to get to the food they are trapped into the holes. He also uses the goat’s fat to make candles and light his cave.
8) He also plants the seeds for corn and rice he found on the boat and after two years he has enough corn and rice to feed himself.

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