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A block of mass 200g and density 0.8g/cm3 is submerged in a liquid of density 0.2g/cm3. find minimum force required to keep the block floating.

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    The volume of the mass is
    V = 200/0.8 = 250 cm^3 = 250*10^-6 m^3 and the buoyancy force (up) is
    Fb = V*200 kg/m^2*g = 0.49 N.

    The weight force (down) is 0.2 kg*g = 1.96 N.

    To keep it floating, an upward force of at least 1.96 - 0.49 N = 1.47 N is needed

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    3) Calculate the mass of a substance that has a density of 0.788 g/cm3 and occupies a volume of 800 cm3.

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