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A vertical container with base area measuring 12 cm by 18 cm is being filled with identical pieces of candy, each with a volume of 50.0 mm3 and a mass of 0.0200 g. Assume that the volume of the empty spaces between the candies is negligible. If the height of the candies in the container increases at the rate of 0.29 cm/s, at what rate (kilograms per minute) does the mass of the candies in the container increase?

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    Fullerton is a city in Orange county, California. There is a Cal State campus there. It is not the subject of your question.

    The product of the area of the base area and the 0.29 cm/s rate of height increase equals the cm^3/s candy addition rate, which you should solve for.

    Multiply it by the candy density for the mass addition rate.

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