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Posted by Henry2 on Friday, February 10, 2012 at 4:35pm.

I need to rephrase (using indirect speech) what 4 people said is important when preparing to go for an interview.
Could you please help me?

1)Speaker 1 recommends one should make a short list of the job’s requirement (or requirement for/in the job position) before going for an interview.
2)For example, if the ad says applicants must possess good communication skills, then he should keep this in his head (bear it in mind) during the view. It will make his interviewers realize that he is the right person in the job.
3) Speaker 2 believes that having fresh up-to-date information on the company gives someone (one?) extra points (more chances to get the job). For this reason, he advises going on Google to get the latest share prices (what are they?) He believes, one should also think about appearance and put on a nice suit, plain shirt and a tie for an interview.

I find it difficult to rephrase what speaker 3 and 4 say. I need to include two/three sentences to summarize their interview. They are very colloquial and I don’t know if I got the meaning correctly. Could you help me summarize the two interviews rephrasing the colloquial expressions (??) ?

4) Speaker 3: “This is the key to the process. And there’s nothing wrong with physically getting out your piece of paper when you are at the interview. It shows you have prepared and made an effort. Be careful not to ask about things in a wooden way (what is the meaning here?) though and this can happen if you’re reading from your notes. Make sure you find out exactly what the job involves, who’ll be working with etc All shows that you’re keen and interested. And remember an interview is a two-way process; they need you as much as you need them.”

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