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Posted by Henry2 on Friday, February 10, 2012 at 4:26am.

Writeacher, I wanted to thank you for all what you have done for me and for my professional growth.
We have worked really hard on the project over the last few days (though I was in bed with flu!)
By the way, I used your suggestion as a title for the whole project.
If the project is approved, it's also because of your tireless involvement.

Thank you very, very much again!

One last thing.
I varied a last sentence. I don't know which verb to use to finish the sentence. Help me, please!

Pupils taken from different tenth classes from the applied science branch will be involved in the project since the project's topics are included in the scientific subjects of this class curriculum, namely the natural sciences (biology, chemistry, earth science) and physics. Pupils will also develop their capacity of using IT and will strengthen and master English as a medium of communicating scientific knowledge as .... (expected??) by CLIL (Content and language integrated learning).

((Meaning of CLIL: aims to introduce students to new ideas and concepts in traditional curriculum subjects (often the humanities), using the foreign language as the medium of communication - in other words, to enhance the pupils' learning experience by exploiting the synergies between the two subjects. This is often particularly rewarding where there is a direct overlap between the foreign language and the content subject — eg Vichy France, Nazi Germany, the Spanish Civil War.))

My next posts will be again on usual topics.

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