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Jim was told by his grandfather that he buried a time capsule when he was a kid. The grandfather gave the map to Jim and asked him to find it. The map directs Jim to start from the tallest tree in the town. It says the following;
"From the tree, walk 13m to the South."
"Then turn 90° and walk 11m."
"Then turn 90° again and walk 9m."
For each of the four possible locations of the treasure, give the distance from the tree and the direction, expressed as an angle measured counterclockwise from east. List the possible locations in counterclockwise (CCW) order, starting with the one which is closest to due west.

  • Physics -

    1. 9 m @ 90 Deg.

    2. 11 m @ 180 Deg.

    3. 13 m @ 270 Deg.

    Your prob. says 4 possible locations, but I only see 3.

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