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A 2.00kg bullet moving at 600m/s strikes a piece of wood at rest on a frictionless table. The bullet sticks in the wood and the combined mass moves slowly down the table. a.) What is the speed of the combined mass after the collision? b.)What is the change in kinetic energy of the system? c.) What is the percentage of kinetic energy lost in the collision?

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    The case of inelastic collision
    v= (m1•v1)/ (m1+m2).
    It is necessary to know the mass of a piece of wood m2.
    The change in kinetic energy is
    ΔK=K1-K2 = m1(v1)^2/2 - (m1+m2)v^2/2.
    For finding the percentage
    ((K1-K2)/K1) •100%

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