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Posted by Henry2 on Thursday, February 9, 2012 at 9:17am.

Here is the very last part! I've finished it! My next homework will be on history, literature and grammar again!!!!

Work stage I
- Courses in English and ICT
- Evaluation and analysis of activities and attitudes
Work stage II:
- Working out the theoretical framework and
research designs/arrangements
- Documentation on web site
Work stage III:
- Field studies: collection of specimen in the local
natural parks
- Preparing participations in natural parks
- Evaluation of the outcomes
Second meeting: (Italy 6-10 May)
- Analysis of specimens
- Press information of the local press
- Cultural program: "Solving problems together"
Work stage IV:
- Documentation of analyses led in Italy
- Evaluation of the activities and attitudes
- Publication on web site
- Summary of the first project year and interim
report/film part I
- Evaluation of attitudes and satisfaction.
monitoring to verify the projects' state
- Press information first year
Work stage V:
- Producing visitor material/presentation for
natural parks
- If possible: Participating in an environmental day
Third meeting:
- Presenting materials the other participants and
school community
- Collecting and analyzing specimen of
Marais Poitevin
- Cultural program: Planning the future together -
Activities in Futuroscope in Poitiers
Work Stage VI:
- Documentation of the activities led in France
- Publication on websites
- Preparing the final report/film

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