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Posted by Henry2 on Thursday, February 9, 2012 at 9:15am.

The part on the dissemination of the results consists of a list of things. It is very long, so I’ll post it into separate times. (Please, check if the words are correct and possible). Thank you for all. This is the end of the project.

Participating organizations
- publication of the project documentation with reports, films and outcomes
on the schools' websites and websites of natural parks
- information of the parents on the occasion of parent-teacher conferences
- distribution of pedagogical material
- exposition of the project cycle on the project board in the schools
- certificates which lists all activities and is signed by MEP M. Michael Theurer and all headmasters
Local communities
- information of the local public on the occasion of open days
- press release to be published in the local press
- visitor material for natural parks
- participation during environmental days in natural parks
- presentation of the results during the final visit to the European
Parliament in Straßburg
- editing the final report for PAD and making it available on the schools'
homepages and on the e-twinning platform
- documenting and publishing the project in a film
First meeting
- Getting to know each other, discovering community and differences
- Founding transnational teams
- Electing a pupils' coordination team
- Fixing the team subtopics and research designs

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