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Posted by Henry2 on Thursday, February 9, 2012 at 7:59am.

The original sentence for 1) was:

1) The preparatory meeting made clear that the idea to make a project is a result of the desire to become a more European school as well as to get to know how those things are approached in other European countries and to form networks.

Second list of things I need you to check.

- considerably increasing the ability and motivation to use foreign
languages and to apply the skills acquired in science classes
- promoting their key skills for professional insertion (science and
technological competence, computer skills, teamwork and managing) and thus
to increasing students' job opportunities in Europe and all over the world
- contributing to the students` personal portfolio (certificate)
- strengthening the students' confidence in their ability of contributing
within this European framework
- making the students play an active role in creating a more responsible
- getting to know more European institutions
Impact on teachers:
- widening their didactical repertoire. Improvement of interdisciplinary
- motivating them to support other European school projects or school
- experiencing being rather a coach or consultant than a teacher
- making the school community aware of the opportunities European engagement
offers and of the fact that sustainablility is a European subject
- stimulating interest in pupils or parents to join further European
- bringing the field of substainability with its possible implications
concerning research, causes and effects the whole school community
Impact on natural parks:
- establishing a partnership with schools furnishing visitor material and/or
- recalling natural parks to the public interest (press releases)
- creating opportunities of other forms and activities of cooperation

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