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Posted by Henry2 on Thursday, February 9, 2012 at 7:53am.

Thank you very much!!

I’m including the last data. My next post will consist mainly of long lists of things.
I checked the spelling myself.
Could you please check if the words are appropriate? Thank you.

- Natural parks as partners will become aware of European dimensions and should be motivated to promote themselves European activities. (European added value) (Maybe we should just leave out “themselves” and vary European dimensions?)
ICT-platform set up
- Integration on schools' websites
- Report of status quo (evaluation)
- Report of threats and opportunity (monitoring)
- Press information
Transnation pupils' teams
- Pupils' coordination team
Higher level of knowledge in ICT and English
- Report of evaluation results
Documentation of theoretical framework published
- Evaluation report
Local press information
Interim report of the first year (documentation, evaluation, monitoring) published
- Film part I
- Press information
Visitor material/presentations for natural parks
- Participation environmental days
Documentation of water analyses in France published
Final report of evaluation and monitoring published
- Participation environmental days
Final project report/film presented and published
- Press conference
- Project presentation in European Parliament/Straßburg
- Delivery of certificates (by MEP Michael Theurer)
- Dossier of future activities

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