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Posted by Henry2 on Thursday, February 9, 2012 at 4:09am.

Writeacher, thank you very much!
Here are some sentences I varied and I urgently need you to check.
I need to clarify those things.
Could you please help me express sentence 1? We need to impress the EU to support the project!!!

1)The preparatory meeting made clear that the inception of this project is the desire to become a European school, as well as to get to know how scientific research (I don't know if I should mention specific subject) linked to ITC and English are approached in other European countries and to form networks.
2)As English has been internationally recognized as the language of science and is taught at all three schools, this language has been chosen as the lingua franca for our project.
3) During the various exchanges, however, the participating students will have the chance to get to know more about the culture and institutions of their partners. Their mutual involvement will certainly encourage them to deepen the study of their partners’ languages . (French, Italian are also taught at the German school, German at the French school, but only English at our high school in the applied science branch)
4) Communicating primarily in English, and having positive experiences with their European partners encourages pupils to become aware of what it means to be part of Europe and makes them develop a European identity. (European Added Value)
5) Pupils taken from one tenth class will be involved in the project since the scientific project's topics are included in the natural science curriculum of this class, which are included the study of biology, chemistry and earth science.
6) Pupils will also develop their capacity of using information and communication technology (ICT) and will strengthen and master English as a medium of communication
7) The participating pupils will take turns informing the other pupils about the activities of the project, as well as their results. Intermediate reports will be given during meetings with both teachers and parents.
8) Both the linguistic and scientific work for the project will be part of the preparation needed for their last school year, in which pupils, in compliance with the school reform, will have to study a scientific subject in English.
9) They will also use it as a topic for the interdisciplinary paper they have to write and illustrate during their exit exam. (integration into ongoing activities)
10) Objectives: Carrying out a theoretical and experimental analysis of the environment focused on biodiversity and pollution through the observation of flora and fauna, the chemical, microbiological, and biological (index EBI-macroinvertebrates) of the water collected in the various ecosystems of the places of the participating schools

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