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A 450.8 N child and a 101.0 N child sit on either end of a 2.2 m long seesaw.
How far from the 450.8 N child should the pivot be placed to ensure rotational equilibrium? Disregard the mass of the seesaw. Answer in units of m
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Suppose a 367 N child sits 0.193 m from the 450.8 N child. How far from the pivot must a 261 N child sit to maintain rotational equilibrium? Answer in units of m

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    The torques have be equaled
    x=(P2•2.2)/( P1+ P2)=0.4 m
    Part 2
    P1•0.4+P3(0.4-0.193) = P2•1.8+P4•x, P4
    where P1=450.8 N, P2=101.0 N, P3= 367 N, and P4=261 N.
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