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Posted by Henry2 on Wednesday, February 8, 2012 at 4:55pm.

I forgot to add this part with reference to our school. It is essential. Thank you.

1) Pupils taken from one tenth class will be involved in the project since the scientific project topics are included in the curriculum of this class. The participating pupils will take turns to inform the other pupils about the activities of the project as well as their results. Intermediate reports will be given to both teachers' and parents' meetings.
2ND Part of Distribution of tasks
2) The other transnational teams:
- will frequent the trainings
- will stay in contact with their partners and document the interaction -
- will write reports within compulsory dates
- will choose a subtopic within the framework of the main subject
- will create a research design and plan
- will conduct their research together
- will discuss and document results
- will participate in the organization of meetings and conferences
- will make sure that the project targets are achieved
- will give advice, especially when the pupils' activities risk coming to standstill
- will discuss pedagogical impacts of the pupils' activities
- will organise meetings and other common events
Natural parks :
- will have the chance to present the results of the research
- will promote the contribution of European institutions to the project

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