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Posted by ranu on Wednesday, February 8, 2012 at 11:56am.

The following data were obtained at 25° C for the reaction [1+2+2]
C2H5Br + OH- C2H5OH + Br-
Determine the rate law for the reaction from these data.

[C2H5Br] [OH-] Rate

0.150 0.200 4.8 x 10-5
0.300 0.200 9.6 x 10-5
0.450 0.200 14.4 x 10-5
0.300 0.600 28.8 x 10-5

(ii) The decomposition of benzene diazonium chloride follows first order kinetics:
C6H5N2Cl (aq) C6H5Cl (l) + N2
The rate constant for this reaction is 0.105 s-1 at 10°C. Starting with a concentration of 0.066 M of C6H5N2Cl, calculate its concentration after 15 seconds.
(iii) What will happen to the cell potential if the concentration of the anodic solution is increased in a concentration cell. Explain

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