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Posted by Henry2 on Wednesday, February 8, 2012 at 10:47am.

Here are the linguistic objectives which I'm going to vary as English should be the lingua franca.
Is it correct to mention the objectives using the gerund??? They didn’t consider the pupils’ point of view. What do you think?

1) Linguistic objectives :
- helping the pupils overcome their inhibitions ( I wouldn’t include this point. What do you think??)
- providing students with the necessary linguistic structures of English (to be added) to operate in a European scientific work/study environment
- providing students with the lexical and skills syllabus of the terms used to describe aquatic biodiversity.
- enabling students to explain, interpret, exchange and finally compare the results of their experiments in both written and oral English
- upgrading the students’ reading skills as they will have to interpret and analyze data derived from different types of sources, such as webpages, books, scholarly journals, and large databases.
2) Personal/social objectives:
- developing required personal skills while working actively both individually and in groups: the planning, organization and
evaluation of the activities, thus increasing their job opportunities in a globalized world.
- cooperating with their partners on topics of the project and of mutual interest, become aware of and open to Europe's
cultural, social, and economic diversity in order to strengthen the feeling of fellowship and unity
- understanding the importance of being aware of and informed about local biodiversity issues in terms of sustainability and
learning how to monitor and protect endangered aquatic species, as well as their habitats.

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