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Posted by Henry2 on Wednesday, February 8, 2012 at 10:22am.

Thank you very, very much indeed!
Here is the second part, concerning the scientific and linguistic objectives.
The question is: " What are the concrete objectives of the partnership"?

1)Scientific objectives
- describing the biodiversity, the presence of macroinvertebrates as a marker for water quality in waterways in each school's local area by carrying out microbiological, physical and ch- identifying possible influences on the biodiversity caused by human activity and as a result of this
sensibilising the pupils for the interaction of differents ecosystems
- understanding what kind of protection and sustainablilty measures are already taken
- listing common pollutants and sources of polluted sewage
- documenting the results of the research by creating a common data base and pedagogical material.
- explaining the results during environmental days in the respective natural parks
emical analysis of the water

Our head science teacher wrote:
"To make students practically understand some fundamental techniques of chemical and microbiological analyses, of observation and of geological interpretation" ( I need to integrate this into the scientific objectives)

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