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Posted by L.Bianchessi on Wednesday, February 8, 2012 at 1:04am.

Ranking equilibrium constants from largest to smallest according to an image?Ethene (C2H4) can be halogenated by the following reaction: C2H4 (g) + X2 (g) -><- C2H4X2 (g) where X2 can be Cl2 (green), Br2 (brown), or I2 (purple). Examine the three figures below representing equilibrium concentrations in this reaction at the same temperature for the three different halogens. Rank the equilibrium constants for these three reactions from largest to smallest. I have no idea what this problem is asking or how to go about ranking these 3 figures from largest to smallest in terms of equilibrium constants. If someone can explain this to me, it would be very much appreciated:)

Cl2 picture--
2 chlorines,7 products(C2H4Cl2), and 2 C2H4

(B): Br2--
4bromines,4C2H4, and 6 products.

(C): I2--
7 iodine,7C2H4, and 3 products

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