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3 grade english

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ideas stated in text you are sometimes alike in several ways. to generalize, you use the individual ideas to make a general statement about them.

look for clue words, such as most,many,all,or few.

directions read the following passage. then answer the questions.

a saguro cactus helps animals survive in the sornoran desert. the cacts is home to many creatures that live in its "arms," its trunk, or underground around its roots. the saguaro provides some shade during many hours of hot sunshine. in the spring,all saguaros produce flowers that contain nectar. day and night, hungry insects,bats,and hummingbirds visit the flowers and feed on their nectar. even when a saguaro dies,it is useful to some desert animals. snakes may hide under a fallen saguaro and wait to catch their prey. beetles eat its dead wood and, in turn,become food for other creatures.

1- how does a saguaro cactus provide a home for desert creatures?

2-in what way can the saguaro help keep desert animals cool during the daytime?

3- what does a saguaro produce that feeds insects,bats,and hummingbirds?

4-how is a saguaro cactus useful to desert animals after it has died?

read your answers to questions 1-4. use your individual answers to make a general statement about the saguaro cactus.

5-a saguaro cactus

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    I'll be glad to comment on your answers.

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    my son wrote this

    1- A saguaro cactus provides a home to animals by letting creatures in it's "arms", its trunks, or uderground around it's roots.

    2- the saguaro cactus provides some shade during many hours of hot sunshine.

    3-the saguaro cactus produces nectar to feed hungry insects,bats,and hummingbirds.

    4-a saguaro cactus is useful to snakes because snake can hide and catch their prey,and help beetles because beetles eat saguaro cactus's dead wood.

    5-a saguaro cactus helps many desert creatures in time of need.

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    Yay! Excellent!

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    thank you very much! ;)

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    You're very welcome.

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