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Assume you work at a company where you are paid hourly. You are paid $8.60 per hour for regular time (less than or equal to forty hours) and time and a half for overtime hours up to fifty hours in one week. If you are asked to work fifty or more hours in one week you are paid double the regular rate for these overtime hours (those past the first 50 hours). Write this information in the form of a piecewise-defined function and be sure to include the domain for each piece. Also, check your model by calculating the pay for working forty hours and for working forty-one hours. Post these values as well.

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    p =
    } 8.60h if h <= 40
    } 344 + 12.9h if 40<h<=50
    } 473 + 2h if h>50

  • algebra -

    Third equation should read:
    473 + 17.2h if h>50

    For forty-one hours, h=41, so 40<h≤50,
    use the second equation.

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