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The following data were obtained at 25° C for the reaction
C2H5Br + OH- ->C2H5OH + Br-
Determine the rate law for the reaction from these data.

[C2H5Br] [OH-] Rate

0.150 0.200 4.8 x 10-5
0.300 0.200 9.6 x 10-5
0.450 0.200 14.4 x 10-5
0.300 0.600 28.8 x 10-5

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    This is a lot of typing for you just to check your work. If you have numbers give them to me and we can go from there. If you don't understand something go into that in detail and we can go from there.
    The order is 1 with respect to both and order of 2 overall.

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