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verbal linear equations

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a taxi costs $2.75 for the first quarter of a mile and $0.85 for each subsequent quarter mile.A ride that cost $23.15 is how many miles longer than a ride that costs $17.20?(please i don't want example show me how u work it out )

  • verbal linear equations -

    c = 2.75 + .85q
    c = cost of ride
    q = number of 1/4 miles driven

    There are two ways you can tackle this. One is to figure the length of each ride:

    23.15 = 2.75 + .85q
    q = 24 (6 miles)

    17.20 = 2.75 + .85q
    q = 17 (4.25 miles)

    So, the more expensive ride is 1.75 miles longer
    The other way is to see that once the initial charge is subtracted, the difference in cost is just .85 times the difference in quarter-miles:

    (23.15-2.75)- (17.20-2.75) = .85d
    Note how you don't even have to worry about the initial cost, since it cancels out when both charges are the same:
    23.15-17.20 = .85d
    5.95 = .85d
    d = 7 quarter-miles
    or, 1.75 miles difference

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