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What is the equilibrium concentration of carbon dioxide in water that is in contact with air at 25 °C and 2.55 atm. The mole fraction of CO2 in air is 3.01 x 10-4. The Henry's law constant for carbon dioxide is 4.48 x 10-5 M/mmHg.

0.583 M
8.68E-2 M
6.72 M
2.61E-5 M
3.44E-8 M

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    I would do this.
    XCO2 = pCO2/Ptotal
    pCO2 = Ptotal x XCO2 = 2.55 atm x (760 mm/1 atm) x 3.01E-4 = ?
    Then C = pk
    C = ? x 4.48E-5
    Solve for C in M

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