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if the ratio of the length to the breadth of a rectangle be 5:3 and its perimeter is 144m, find the length of the rectangle .

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    Let the length be L. The width W must then be 3L/5, so that the L/W ratio is 5:3.


    Perimeter = 2(L+W) = 144

    2L + 2*(3L/5) = (16/5)L = 144
    which leads to
    L = 45 meters
    W = (3/5)L = 27 meters

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    perimeter: 2L+2B

    but L/B=5/3 or L=5B/3

    then 144=10B/3+2B=16B/3 or B= 3*144/16
    solve for B, then L= 5B/3

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