March 29, 2015

Homework Help: Greece

Posted by 12-year-old-poet on Friday, February 3, 2012 at 9:27pm.

4) THe Aegean Sea \occupies a graben, an area of land that has dropped down between two faults. True or False

my answer: True

5) Mountans in Greece
A) are densely populated
B) make difficult travel
C) have good farmland
D) all of the above

my answer: B

8) All of the folloing are correct EXCEPT
A) Greece is a large island
B) no one knows what caused the decline of the Minoan civilization
C) Greec is at the crossroads of Eastern and Western cultures
D) because of limited land, most building is "up" rather than "out"

my answer: A

13) Foreign investment has
A) caused conflict
B) helped the economy
C) led to government changes
D) built up tourism

my answer: B

14) Ho can Bosnia - Herzengovia best be described
A) as a nation of conflicting ethnic groups
B) as a unified nation
C) as a nation
D) as a peaceful and posperous nation

my answer: A

Will you please check and see if my answers are correct? Thank you!! GG-KK

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