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A 200g mass attached to a horizontal spring oscillates at a frequency of 2.0 Hz. At one instant, the mass is at x= 5.0cm and has v= -30cm/s.

find amplitude

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    First get the spring constant, k, from the frequency f and the mass m.

    2 pi f = sqrt(k/m)
    k = m (2 pi f)^2 = 31.6 N/m

    You can get the total energy from

    Etotal = (1/2)mV^2 + (1/2)kX^2
    = (1/2)*0.2*(0.3)^2 + (1/2)*31.6*(.05)^2
    = 0.009 + 0.0395 = 0.0485 J

    Get the amplitude Xmax from the total energy by setting V = 0

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