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Math word problem

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At. The first meeting of a chess club the 9 members decide to have a tournament in which each player plays a game against every other player. How many games will there be??

Can you help me figure this out ?

  • Math word problem -

    Each of the 9 players would play against 8 others, that would give us 9x8 or 72
    BUT, wouldn't that include such games as
    A vs B and B vs A, which is the same game.
    So we have to divide by 2 to get all those duplications taken out
    number of games = 72/2 = 36

    In mathematical symbols that would be
    C(9,2) = 9!/(2!7!) = 36

  • Math word problem -

    John has five more than twice the number of CDs that Kate has. Together they have 100 CDs

  • Math word problem -

    It's always a pleasure to hear from someone with exstpeire.

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