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Posted by cami on Thursday, February 2, 2012 at 6:32pm.

Hello I was wondering if you could correct my homework. Thanks.

Identify each italicized verbal in the following sentences as a participle or gerund.

1. Enjoyed by people throughout history, amateur athletic competitions can be very beneficial.
- enjoyed = participle

2. Winning an event is only part of the reason athletes compete.
- Winning = gerund

3. In addition, the love of a sport, the best reason for entering into competition, usually grows as an athlete's performance improves.
- entering = participle

4. Furthermore, sharing hard work with teammates leads a person to appreciate cooperative efforts.
- sharing = gerund

5. Participating in state, national, and international competitions is important to many amateur athletes.
- Participating = participle

6. Wanting to be recognized for their talent, the athletes compete against their peers in such events.
- Wanting = gerund

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