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Posted by cami on Thursday, February 2, 2012 at 6:24pm.

Hello I was wondering if you could correct my homework. Thanks.

Identify the prepositional phrases in the following sentences. Then state whether the prep phrase is an adjective phrase or adverb phrase.

1. A daily newspaper has something for almost everyone.
- for almost everyone = adjective

2. In addition to news, the paper offers entertainment, classified ads, and much more.
- In addition to = adjective

3. Our entire family reads the newspaper in the morning.
- in the morning = adverb

4. Dad always begins with the sports pages; Mom prefers the general news.
- with the sports pages = adverb

5. My sister's favorite part of the newspaper is the lifestyle section.
- of the newspaper = adjective

6. She enjoys features like "How-to Hints."
- like "How-to Hints" = adverb

7. I find the editorial and opinion pages interesting, especially when a debate between two sides developed.
- between two sides = adjective

8. Sometimes I see the logic behind an argument.
- behind an argument = adjective

9. Other times I wonder why grown people argue about a trivial issue.
- about a trivial issue = adverb

10. I also like to read news about local events.
- about local events = adjective

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