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An artillery shell is launched on a flat, horizontal field at an angle of a = 43.5° with respect to the horizontal and with an initial speed of v0 = 263 m/s. What is the horizontal distance covered by the shell after 6.77 s of flight?

What is the height of the shell at this moment?

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    A catapult on a cliff launches a large round rock towards a ship on the ocean below. The rock leaves the catapult from a height H = 31.0 m above sea level, directed at an angle theta = 48.5° above the horizontal, and with a speed v = 35.6 m/s. Assuming that air friction can be neglected, calculate the horizontal distance D traveled by the projectile.

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    Suppose that a senior driving a Pontiac zooms out of a darkened tunnel at 31.0 m/s. She is momentarily blinded by the sunshine. When she recovers, she sees that she is fast overtaking a bus ahead in her lane moving at the slower speed of 15.7 m/s. She hits the brakes as fast as she can (her reaction time is 0.40 s). If she can decelerate at 2.5 m/s2, what is the minimum distance between the driver and the bus when she first sees it so that they do not collide?

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